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Summer is soon over...

2014-08-05 12:11:10 by plasmageddon

But made some cool music while enjoying the heeeat! Beside swimming, Sauna and sporting outside I have discovered that I´ll be moving away from my lovely home to another place! I´m gonna miss it ;__;
Hopefully the neighbors..oors won´t be dissapointed if I randomly play and create music x)

I really should write more..This place is easily reachable >_>

PS. If anyone reads this,I wish everyone good end summer and upcoming autumn! Hopefully you have had a splendid summer too to this point! 

- Prem


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2014-08-05 14:12:53

Hahaha, I had a great summer doing indoor stuff. Glad finally someone is enjoying the heat ;)

plasmageddon responds:

Yeaah, Finland is nowadays one of the hottest country in europe. In summer that is. And one of the coldest country also! : )